Emergency Management

What does it mean when the outdoor warning siren blows?

The outdoor warning sirens are just that, a device to warn those outside.  This may be an “Attack” such as a civil or war notification.  The most common is the “Alert” of possipbe dangers such as weather warnings, chemical releases, or other.  The “Fire” siren is also used to help notify members of the Fire Dept that may not be able to hear their pagers.  What should you do? If you hear the ATTACK or ALERT sirens you should move to an indoor sturdy structue and tune into local media or a NOAA radio for information.  Following is the tones you will hear from our village sirens.

The sirens are tested the first Saturday of the month April thru October at Noon

If you have any question please contact one of the following



John Uden – Village Coordinator

Jeff Wills – Village Deputy Coordinator

Village Officials can be reached at 402-751-2420

County Director can be reached at 402-461-2360

For Emergencies please contact the Hastings Communications Center at 402-461-2364