Engine 80


For the first time in JRFD history a truck, Engine 80 circa 1986, was replaced in 2012 with a brand new, made to order pumper/tanker combination. This truck is a 2012, 4-door Freightliner which meets all NFPA standards and has a 1250 GPM pump and carries 1250  gallons of water and a 5 man crew and was purchased with Fire District bond money. It carries 1,000 feet of 5″ LDH, 700 feed of preconnected 1.75″ hose, and 500 feet of 3″ preconnected hose along with a Foam Pro system. The following equipment house on this truck:

  • 1-1500 gallon aluminum fram folding tank w/high visibility yellow liner
  • 1-24′ two section extension ladder ALP-200-24
  • 1-14′ roof ladder ALP-100-14
  • 1-10′ folding attic ladder ALP-080-10
  • 1-6″ barrel strainer
  • 2-6″ x 10′ PVC suction hoses
  • 1-6′ fiberglass pike pole
  • 1-10′ fiberglass pike pole
  • 5-Scott 4500 SCBA units

All other additional equipment required by NFPA standards. The primary functions of this truck are structure and vehicle fires, vehicle accidents and a backup tanker.