Engine 81

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Engine 81 was put into service in 1995 and came from Randall Township, Wisconsin. It is a 1984 FMC pumper, gasoline, five speed. It has a 1,000 gallon tank and a 1,000 GPM pump. It carries a 2 man crew.  Equipment carried includes 1,000′ of 4″ LDH, 700′ of 1.75″ preconnected attack and 500′ of 3″ hose and is foam ready. Also carried is a smoke ejector, generator, 4 SCBA and spare bottles. In 2005 it was fitted with a 10″ rear dump to make it a combination pumper/tanker. It’s primary functions are structure fires and backup pumper during Mutual Aid calls. It is also a backup tanker.