Squad 81

The 1979 Squad 81 was replaced in 2012 with a brand new made to order chassis. This truck is a 2012, 4-door Freightliner which meets all NFPA standards, carries a 5 man crew and was purchased with Fire District bond money.

At the same time the Cascade System was updated to a 6,000lb system and a 2 bottle fill system for the SCBA. The on-board generator was also updated to a new one at the same time. Also equipped with mast lights, jaws-of-life, cribbing and shoring, level “c” Hazmat suits, rescue rope, and hardware, ventilation saws and fans, spare scuba and bottles, etc.  It carries gear to run and scene and it’s primary functions are Hazmat, vehicle accidents for extrication,  rescue, ventilation, R.I.T., and responds to most all calls.