Retired Apparatus

Engine 80

Engine 80 was brought into service in 2001 shortly after 9/11 from Garret County Maryland. It is a 1986, diesel, manual, combination pumper/tanker and has a 1,000 GPM pump and carries 1,250 gallons of water. It carries a five man crew. It carries 1,000 feet of 5″ LDH, 700′ of preconnected 1.75″ hose, and 500′ of 3″ preconnected hose and is foam ready. Its’ primary functions are structure and vehicle fires, vehicle accidents, and a backup tanker.

Squad 80

Squad 80 was brought into service in 2000 and was donated to us as surplus from Rural Metro Corporation. It is a 1991 Ford, diesel, automatic. It can carry up to 7 personnel. Its’ primary functions are to run medical calls, though being a First Responder Team we cannot transport, and to get extra manpower to the scene of larger incidents.

Squad 81

Squad 81 was brought into service in 1998 and came from the City of Omaha. It is a 1979 Ford, diesel, automatic. It can carry 6 personnel. It is equipped with a cascade system, an on board generator, mast lights, jaws-of-life, cribbing and shoring, level “c” haz/mat suits, rescue rope and hardware, ventilation saws and fans, spare scba and bottles, etc.. It carries gear to run any scene and its’ primary functions are Haz/mat, vehicle accidents for extrication, rescue, ventilation, R.I.T., and responds to most all calls

Engine 81

Engine 81 was put into service in 1995 and came from Randall Township, Wisconsin. It is a 1984 FMC pumper, gasoline, five speed. It has a 1,000 gallon tank and a 1,000 GPM pump. It carries a two man crew. Equipment carried includes 1,000 feet of 4″ LDH, 700′ of 1’75” preconnected attack and 500′ of 3″ hose and is foam ready. Also carried is a smoke ejector, generator, 4 SCBA and spare bottles. In 2005 it was fitted with a 10″ rear dump to make it a combination pumper/tanker. Its’ primary function are structure fires and backup pumper during Mutual Aid calls. It is also a backup tanker.