Wall of Flame

In 1992 the Juniata Rural Fire District developed a system to honor past members who gave of their time to the Juniata Rural Fire District. The names of these persons were placed on a large wall plaque named the “Wall-of-Flame”. To be eligible for the wall the individual must have been a member of the Fire District for a minimum of five years, or less than five years and have done something above and beyond the call of duty, (District Recognition) and been nominated and elected by the members of the District Roster. No active member can be listed all the wall.**
With the exception of the first year when 12 members were added only three names are added each year unless there is a tie in the voting.

In 2003 it was decided that anyone who had been a member for 25 years would be automatically be added to the wall. **These members can still be active.
Also in 2004, to get more long past members placed on the wall, a “Veterans Committee” was formed and each year the name of one “Veteran” is added.

Past classes (Persons) elected are:

Class Village Years Offices/Positions held
1992 Don Consbruck Juniata 30
Steve Consbruck Juniata 12 Chief, Sec/Tre
Howard “Shorty” Gangwish Juniata 17 Rural Board
Arnie Houck Juniata 10+ Chief, Asst. Chief
Dick Hill Juniata 6 Chief
Ed Klein Juniata 16
Dale Kral Juniata 12 Rural Board
Daryl Peak Juniata 10 Pres, V.P., Sec/Tre, Rural Board
Ron Price Prosser 8+ Chief, Sec/Tre, Rural Board
Charles Snell Juniata 41 Chief, Asst. Chief
Galen Weeks Juniata 11 Rural Board
Craig Weseman Juniata 15 Chief, Asst. Chief, Sec/Tre, Rural Board

1993 Delton Bates Juniata 30 Asst. Chief, V.P.
Frank Merrill Juniata 26 President, Sec/Tre
Herb Thompson Juniata 28 President

1994 W.C. “Bill” Coats Juniata 18 President, V.P., Rural Board
Julius Dempewolfe Juniata 23 Rural Board
Ernie Thayer Juniata 13 Rura Board

1995 L.D. “Sonny” Sergent Juniata 19 Asst. Chief
Mike Weeks Juniata 22 Asst. Chief, Rural Board
Rex Weseman Juniata 30

1996 Duanne Burr Juniata 10 Rural Board
Walter Frerichs Juniata 21 President, V.P., Rural Board
Harlow Gangwish Juniata 16
John Sergent Juniata 13 President, V.P.

1997 Darrel Krull Juniata 19
Darrel Stromer Juniata 9 Rural Board
Dave Wiltrout Juniata 18 President, Sec/Tre

1998 Sam Ruhter Prosser 20 Chief, Asst. Chief, Sec/Tre, Rural Board
Mark Keiser Juniata 10 Rural Board
Jim Uden Prosser 20 Chief, Asst. Chief, Sec/Tre

1999 Albert Gangwish Juniata 16 Rural Board
Larry Consbruck Juniata 9
Randy Ruhter Prosser 12

2000 Reinhart Ackerman Juniata 9
George Grothen Juniata 10 Rural Board
Lloyd Warburton Juniata 10 Asst. Chief

2001 Tim Kohout Prosser 13 Chief, Asst. Chief, Sec/Tre
Pete Nikili Juniata 12 Asst. Chief
Rex Savery Juniata 14

2002 Ed Kent Juniata 10+ Rural Board
Galen Stansbury Prosser 12 Chief, Asst. Chief, Sec/Tre, Rural Board
Lavern Wiltrout Juniata 10+

2003 Marlyn Bates Juniata 32 President, VP
Gary Walther Juniata 10 President
Bob Gipe Juniata 11 Asst. Chief

2004 Doug Schenk Prosser 28 Chief, Asst. Chief, Sec/Tre, Pres, V.P.
Loren Uden Juniata 5 President, Sec/Tre
Elmer Pease Juniata 8 Sec/Tre

2005 RonaldThompson Juniata 31 President, R.B.
David Packard Juniata
Gerald Gangwish Juniata 9 Chief, V.P.

2006 Barton Robinson Prosser 27 Chief, Asst. Chief, Sec/Tre, Pres, V.P.
Sterling “Rocky” Fastenau Juniata 6 Sec/Tre
Dale Gangwish Juniata 7 President

2007 Rod Hoppe Juniata 26 Chief, Asst. Chief, Capt., Training Off.,
President, R. B.
Pat Renschler Juniata 9 President

Ed Consbruck Juniata 25 Chief, President, Sec/Treasurer
Gib Mousel Juniata
Bill Consbruck Juniata 9 years Sec/Treasurer

2009 Gary Peisiger Juniata 25+, Chief, Asst. Chief, R.B.